ahead of the curve

"Taking charging infrastructure for electric vehicles into account early on when planning, constructing, and developing real estate has become indispensable."

This claim finds support in the existing legal framework (EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) as well as the trend towards e-mobility among companies and consumers. Avoid additional costs of retrofitting real estate at a later point in time and safeguard the long-term attractiveness of your real estate!

The suitable ebee-Hardware for your use case in three steps only:

Power Supply

Save costs thanks to a smart dimensioning of your real estate's power supply

  • When charging several electric vehicles simultaneously, ebee's local Dynamic Load Management (DLM) enables a smart, efficient, and phase individual energy distribution among up to 250 charging points. On top, it can even be used without a backend system.
  • With DLM by ebee real estate with an oversized power supply belongs to the past. An upgrade of the facility's power supply and the installation of a new transformer station can be avoided in most cases.
  • DLM by ebee enables a secure operation by effectively protecting against overload.


Operation and billing system

Choose a mode of operation and a billing system that suit your use case

  • Take matters into your own hands by handling charge point operation and billing yourself - or outsource these tasks to an external service provider. With charging points by ebee you enjoy full flexibility.
  • Usage of our charging points can be billed without a backend system. This advantage comes into play when only one fixed user (or one invoice recipient) charges their car at the charging point. As all ebee charging points are equipped with electronic domestic supply meters (eHZ) as a standard feature local distribution grid operators or property management companies can take care of the billing process by reading these meters on a regular (e.g. monthly, yearly) basis.
  • Certainly, our charging points can be connected to a backend system via OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 where needed. The compatibility of our products with a large number of European backend systems (20+) gives you a large variety of options for operation and billing.
  • RFID tags can be used to start a charging process at our charging points regardless of an existing or non-existing backend connection. When connected to a backend system, users can also authenticate themselves via mobile App or even via the customer-friendly Plug'n'Charge (ISO 15118) standard.


Wiring and installation

Save costs and time thanks to an easy installation of your charging infrastructure

  • Charging points by ebee can be installed and connected via a shared supply cable. A costly star wiring can be avoided.
  • No additional power distribution cabinet needs to be constructed since ebee charging points are equipped with domestic supply meters (e-mobility eHZ), miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and residual current devices (RCDs). All charging points by ebee have a built-in RCD Type A and a Controller-integrated DC 6mA sensing system. The latter allows us to avoid the necessity of a costly Type B RCD.


ebee workshop: Charging solutions for real estate companies

The elaborate workshop presentation as well as information on how to be part of our next workshop can be requested via sales@remove-this.ebee.berlin.