Meet the ebee Wallbox 

A compact, cost-effective, smart public charging solution! The ebee Wallbox is the perfect solution to integrate charging capabilities into existing public infrastructure. Please download our datasheet for all technical specifications.

A solution for every market

Ebee conforms to all standards currently on the market. As a result, our Chargespot is universally applicable and easily configured with our customer’s desired backend management system.

  • Power rating up to 22kw
  • Implemented ISO 15118 Powerline communication
  • Built-in certified meter options for every market
  • Optional interfaces for various smart city functionalities
  • Master/Slave communication with up to 250 Slaves
  • Periodic software updates

Stay in touch

The Chargespot Berlin communicates seamlessly between the backend and user with low data volume, by offering:

  • Data transfer through GSM, LAN, or WLAN
  • OCPP 1.5/1.6 compatibility tested with 20+ commercial backends on the market
  • Roaming with OICP 2.0
  • Authorization with RFID, Mobile App, SMS or choose to provide free charging without authorization!


Chargespots Berlin form a grid to distribute available energy in a configurable, highly dynamic and effective fashion:

  • Grid: Chargespots are interconnected and interact in a Dynamic Load Management (DLM) grid
  • Configurable: Multiple distribution algorithms are supported (Fair Trade, Round Robin, priorities, …)
  • Dynamic: The supply of energy is balanced dynamically across all electric cars to be charged
  • Effective: Every last ampere will be distributed


The Chargespot Berlin is controlled by the CC612 Charge Controller, designed and programmed by the ebee team and sold through our partner, the Bender Group. If you wish to purchase the Charge Controller separately, please contact us or follow the link below to the Bender website:

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Our Team looks forward to get in touch with you! We happily consult you in your next projects involving charging infrastructures and smart city solution.

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